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Oct 19

SummitUp 2021

The new date for SummitUp is October 12th. We hope to see you at this year's SummitUp, the region's premier conference on all facets of marketing. 2020 is the 11th SummitUp!

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Policies & Procedures

Election Ballot Policy and Procedure


Ballots will be e-mailed or mailed to qualified members within 12 days after having been presented at the regular membership meeting. Results are announced at the next regular membership meeting. This policy outlines how the ballots are collected, counted and notification made.

  1. Ballots are to be returned to AAF-Dayton at the address indicated on the ballot and by the date indicated on the ballot.
  2. Ballots will be collected by the Executive Director for counting by the Nominating Committee.
  3. The Nominating Committee will meet after the date listed on the ballot and before the next Board of Directors meeting to count the ballots.
  4. The results will be announced to the Board at that Board Meeting.
  5. Candidates will be informed of the results prior to being announced at the regular membership meeting.

Expenditure Policy


The Board’s role in financial management of AAF-Dayton is an ongoing fiduciary responsibility for stewardship of monies.

Any expenditure or disbursement over $250.00 (two hundred fifty dollars), not already approved by the Board as part of the budget, or over the amount in the budget must be approved in writing (which may include email) prior to making the expenditure or disbursement by at least two of the following: the President, Treasurer, Executive Director, Vice President. If the person requesting the approval of the expenditure or disbursement is either the President, Treasurer, Executive Director, Vice President, then the requesting individual must obtain the approval of at least two other individuals of the five listed.

In emergencies, the expenditure or disbursement may be approved verbally, but that verbal approval should be followed by the written approval described above within 3 days.

The approving individuals should consider the budget when making any such approval, but are not restricted by the budget.
Any expenditures or disbursements that are over ($5,000) (five thousand dollars) require involvement of the executive committee for approval of a majority of the Board.

Hermes Challenge Policy and Procedure


It is the responsibility of AAF-Dayton to maintain the integrity of the Hermes/ADDY® Awards competition. In the instance where there is doubt about the qualifications of an entry, the Greater Dayton Advertising Association will investigate all challenges which are filed in the following manner:

  1. A challenge must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director within one week of the event. The name of the entrant, entry and alleged competition rule violation must be included.
  2. The Executive Director will acknowledge receipt of the challenge in writing within 24 hours of receipt and include a copy of this policy. The Executive Director will notify the Board of Directors in writing of the challenge within 24 hours.
  3. The Executive Director will notify the entrant of the challenge in writing within 24 hours, including a copy of this policy. The entrant will also be informed that he/she has five business days to produce proof that the entry in question met the qualifications of the competition rules.
  4. When the proof is supplied, a Board meeting will be called within two days to review it. The Board meeting may result in the following: (a)Proof supplied is accepted, (b)Further clarification on proof is needed, or (c)Further investigation is required. In the case of b or c, the entrant will have five business days to provide the necessary information.
  5. The Board will render a decision within three days after the investigation is completed and will inform the challenger and entrant. They may be notified via e-mail, but will also receive a hard copy. The decision by the Board is final.

List Distribution Policy


Member Mailing List

AAF-Dayton may make available its list of members to companies who request it for a one time use. Companies making the request need not have employees who are AAF-Dayton members. Labels of the list may be provided at the cost of $50 per request, cost to cover the expense of labels and running them. The request must be in writing with a signature of the requestor and must include payment, estimated mailing date and a copy of the piece that will be mailed. Said copy of piece is to insure that it is not offensive to members or does not conflict with a similar Advertising Association event held around the same time. If there is a question whether the piece may be deemed offensive to members or others, and/or may conflict with an AAF-Dayton communication, the Executive Committee of AAF-Dayton will review it and make a determination as to whether to distribute the member mailing list for the mailing of the piece submitted.

AAF-Dayton members have the ability to opt-out of this list.

E-Mail List

The e-mail list will never be given out or sold. AAF-Dayton may choose to include information provided by others in its e-mail communications at its discretion. Conditions which may prevent its inclusion are offensiveness to members or others, and/or conflict with an AAF-Dayton communication.

Attendance Lists

It is the practice of AAF-Dayton not to give out lists of meeting attendees. There are two exceptions:
Speakers who ask for a list of attendees prior to a meeting (to better tailor their presentations), will only be given a list of attendee categories (number of agencies, media, printers, etc.). They will not be given a list of attendee names and/or company names.

In the event of a speaker requesting such information following a presentation, attendees will be notified of the request and will have the opportunity to opt-in. Those choosing not to opt-in or not to respond to the request will not be included in the list given.

In the case of an event being cross-promoted with another association, a printout of attendees, with only their addresses might be given to that other association.

Nominating Policy and Procedure


  1. A nominating committee will be appointed by the board president.
  2. The nominating committee shall present a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors no later than 45 days before it is presented to the membership at a regular meeting.
  3. Immediately following the Board meeting, the Executive Director will notify the membership of the slate and the policy for adding others to the ballot.
  4. Said policy is that within 10 days of the board meeting, any member in good standing wishing to be on the ballot must submit in writing a petition to the executive director with 12 signatures of active members to be placed on the ballot.
  5. No nominations from the floor are accepted.