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The new date for SummitUp is October 12th. We hope to see you at this year's SummitUp, the region's premier conference on all facets of marketing. 2020 is the 11th SummitUp!

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Our History

NOTE: The club’s official records were destroyed in a 1947 house fire, and surviving reports are sometimes inconclusive on actual dates. Where the year is in doubt, the month is marked with a *; where the month is in doubt, it is marked with a ?. Membership figures for most years are based on names in the official roster, usually issued in December, and history shows that others join the club after the roster is published, so the actual numbers are probably higher than shown.

1911-12: “The Advertising Club” was formed with less than a dozen members and met weekly for lunch. H. Glen Stibbs of Lowe Brothers was elected its first president.

1912-13: Little change in membership, and the meeting frequency remained the same. William H. Wonfor of Egry Register was chosen as president for the club year.

1913-15: R. W. Sullivan of Lowe Brothers served as president for two years. Some membership growth as the club’s reputation spread. Meetings still weekly.

1915-16: An old photograph shows 63 men (members?) gathered in 1915 in an “Army vs. Navy” competition to see who could recruit the most new club members. The club president that year was H. M. Huffman of Davis Sewing Machine Co.

1916-17: B. B. Geyer of the Geyer-Dayton Co. ad agency served as president.

1917-18: Howard F. Marston of Mercantile Corporation was elected president.

1918-19: Club was inactive but not disbanded because of World War I. Hugo Wagensiel, whose job application was spurned by Geyer, starts his own agency in 1918.

1920-21: The Advertising Club was reactivated and began a post-war growth spurt. John M. Graham is the third Lowe Brothers executive to serve as president. Still meeting weekly for lunch and group discussion.

1921-22: Geyer-Dayton’s Andrew W. Neally becomes president. WDBS (later to become WING) goes on the air as Dayton’s first radio station.

1922-23: Franklin Dunlap of Dayton Scale Co. serves as club president. Two longtime members – Bart Brooks and Elmer Walsh – join the club in 1922.

1923-24: Kenneth Chase of Cappel Furniture Co. is club president. Sometime in the ‘20s the club either owned or rented a home at the southwest corner of First and Ludlow that became a temporary meeting place.

1924-25: W. T. White of Hahn Department Store is elected president.

1925-26: K. K. Fitzpatrick of the Gas & Electric Shop serves as club president. Parker advertising agency formed in 1925.

1926-27: J. Horace Lytle, president of the J. Horace Lytle ad agency, becomes club president.

1927-28: Rosco C. Iddings, one of two brothers who founded The Fyr-Fyter Co., becomes president, but he is replaced in midyear by NCR’s J. K. Owen.

1928-29: E. P. Corbett of NCR is club president.

1929-30: J. Horace Lytle serves his second term as club president. The Great Depression hits, and many advertising people lose their jobs. For the second time the club becomes inactive but does not disband. No meetings are held for a brief time.

1930-31: Roy J. Smith of Elder Johnston Co. is club president. Meetings are infrequent and poorly attended.

1931-32: James L. Sowers of Parker Advertising Co. is club president.

1932-33: Stuart H. Ankeny of the J. Horace Lytle agency serves as president.

1933-34: R. R. Hollister of Hollister Electric Co. is club president. Meetings are still infrequent.

1934-35: The club again becomes inactive.

1935-36: Efforts to resuscitate to club are successful. The name is changed to the Advertising Discussion Group, and weekly meetings begin again at the YMCA cafeteria with 5-8 people attending. Dues are $.10 a meeting. B. D. Spofford of Duriron Co. is president.

1936-37: Harry Rothermel of Dayton Pump & Manufacturing Co. serves as club president with weekly meetings at the “Y”.

1937-38: Jack Horn of the Duro Co. is president.

1938-39: Jesse N. Griffith of Standard Register serves as president. Membership is still less than a dozen. John Yeck, the DAC’s most honored member, joins the Advertising Discussion Group.

1939-40: Leonard Rausch, Jr. of Gilbert-Baker-Midlam takes over as president and changes the club name to the Dayton Advertising Club. Membership drive launched to expand the club to 15 people so meetings could be held in the more private Gold Room of the YMCA.

1940-41: Membership drive is successful, passes the 15 member requirement and reaches 30 as the club begins to bring in “outside” speakers. R. C. “Jim” Brown of the University of Dayton is club president.

1941-42: John Yeck becomes club president. Membership climbs to 60 and outgrows Gold Room, so contracts are signed with the Miami Hotel to host weekly meetings in October and November ’41. Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in December, and membership goes into a sharp decline.

1942-43: Club directors agree to switch from weekly to eight monthly meetings with a annual membership fee of $17. A drive to recruit new members succeeds for this revised plan, including its first woman. Club becomes the promotion arm of the Dayton Civilian Defense Organization. Jack L. Foose of Cincinnati Paper & Cordage Co. serves as president.

1943-44: Huston Brown of the Joyce-Cridland Co. serves as president. Membership promotion piece lists the following proposed programs and sponsors:

  • Oct. Geyer, Cornell & Newell: Marketing horizons

  • Nov. Wagenseil: Radio beams – a new media

  • Dec. Reynolds & Reynolds: New graphic arts tools for the ground crew

  • Jan. Dayton Rubber: How to take advantage of the trade press air-lanes

  • Feb. Frigidaire: Harnessing the tailwinds of public opinion

  • Mar. Standard Register: New power for direct mail

  • Apr. Kircher, Lytle, Helton & Collett: Streamlining sales messages

  • May NCR: What is the pay-load of the future

1944-45: J. D. “Jack” Hershey of Dayton Rubber Co. serves as president.

1945-46: Leigh Metcalfe of NCR is president.

1946-47: C. James Proud of Ohmer Corp. is president. He is later to become president of the Advertising Federation of America. Meetings at the Miami Hotel. DAC does all promotion for the Cancer campaign and sponsors a national essay contest for 800 local high school students on “What advertising can mean to the future of America”. Oldest existing roster lists 146 members, including 15 women. Reid Viemeister starts Vie Design in Yellow Springs. Programs include:

  • Oct. Allen Billingsley, Fuller Smith & Ross: The drama of advertising

  • Nov. Don Hobart, Curtis Publishing: Market research

  • Dec. Scoop Goldstein, writer: Retail advertising

  • Jan. Dan Smith, art director at Poole Bros.: New layout techniques

  • Feb. Charles Felton, consultant: Advertising typography for 1947

  • Mar. Seminar: luncheon panel by local leaders with production tips

  • Apr. Fred Reynolds, Geyer: Copy writing and testing

1947-48: F. H. Peters is DAC president. Promotion folder lists eight night meetings and noon discussion groups every week with one specific topic for each weekly meeting. Official club records destroyed by fire at board member Oak Keyser’s home.

1948-49: George H. Staudt of Standard Register is president. Membership at 216. AdVisor begins publication as the club’s newsletter with Bob Conhaim as first editor.

  • Mar. Virginia Harper, McCann-Erickson: Advertising readership studies

1949-50: William S. Yeck of Yeck & Yeck is president. 209 members. Membership dues at $25. Weekly luncheon meetings continue. Penny & Penny agency formed. WONE comes on the air.

  • Oct. Oliver Capelle, Miles Laboratories…at Biltmore

  • Nov. Frederic Gamble, AAAA

  • Dec. Howard King: New looks in type…at Biltmore

  • Jan.? William Connolly, S. C. Johnson: Fibber McGee and Molly campaign

1950-51: Lester E. Finley of NCR is DAC president. 184 members, including 21 women.

  • Oct. Bert Ray, award-winning art director…at Biltmore

  • Jan. Dr. Kenneth Dameron, OSU, at Biltmore

  • Feb. Stuart Peabody, Borden’s: How Elsie was born…at Biltmore

  • Mar. Frederic Gamble, AAAA president, returns…at Biltmore

  • Apr. George Miller, NY ad agency, as “Aesop Glim”: copywriting clinic at NCR; also review of essays on “What advertising means to me” by local high school students

  • May Hillary Bailey, Coca Cola…in Italian Room, Dayton Art Institute

1951-52: Martin Schryver of Happy Day Cleaners is president. 216 members on roster. Dues at $30. Club sponsors annual picnic, golf outing and lending library on advertising material. Meetings at the Van Cleve.

  • Nov. Frank Stanton, president of CBS

  • Dec.* Raymond Loewy, president, Raymond Loewy: industrial design

  • Jan.* Robert Maurer, Washington DC agency: Electric utility campaign

  • Feb.* Stephen Douglas, sales promotion manager for Kroger’s

  • Mar. Gene Fleck, Sunshine Biscuits: Campaign strategy

  • Apr. Lewis Soppington, J. L. Hudson: Retail advertising

  • May Hal Webber, Foote Cone & Belding: Media selection

1952-53: Insco Willaims of Frigidaire is club president. Once a month luncheon meetings started on third Wednesday in April (through December) on Van Cleve mezzanine, in addition to Thursday evenings. Membership at 239. WHIO/TV becomes TV-7 in March. Ed Lang joins DAC as AV facilitator. Regular meetings at the Van Cleve.

  • Sept.? William Carr, McCall’s: What’s in a bathing suit?…at McCall’s

  • Oct. Fairfax Cone, Foote Cone Belding: Advertising’s third dimension…at Frigidaire auditorium

  • Nov. John Caples, BBDO

  • Dec. John H. Johnson, publisher of Jet and Ebony magazines

  • Jan. William Werner, PR director at Procter & Gamble

  • Feb. Walter Weir, Donahue & Coe, NY: Climate for creative copy

  • Mar. Edythe Fern Melrose, WXYZ-TV

  • Apr. George Gallup, Gallup & Robinson

1953-54: President is Ralf Kircher of Kircher, Helton & Collett. Membership at 252. Meetings at the Van Cleve. Dayton Chapter of AAAA formed.

  • Oct. Robert Feemster, Wall St. Journal: Business news

  • Nov. Al Dorne, noted artist/art director

  • Dec. Ted Bergmann, DuMont TV network

  • Jan. Pierre Martineau, Chicago Tribune: Market research

  • Feb. Ladies Night: Doris Corwith, NBC-TV: Public affairs programming

  • Mar. Theodore Repplier, Advertising Council: Public service advertising

  • Apr. Gridiron Dinner: Program ?

  • May Nicholas Samstag, Time: Magazine promotion

1954-55: Marvin Burick of Liberal Markets is president. Annual dues at $35. Meetings at the Van Cleve.

  • Oct. Richard Neale, Sports Illustrated: Sports marketing

  • Nov. William Lodge, CBS-TV: Color television

  • Dec. Robert Larkin, Philip Morris: Principles of promotion and merchandising

  • Jan. Ralph McGill, editor of Atlanta Constitution

  • Feb. J. L. Van Volkenburg, president CBS-TV; meeting moved to Friday night as part of AFA’s 5 th District Convention being hosted by DAC…at Biltmore

  • Mar. Dr. John Furbay, Trans World Airlines

  • Apr. Ladies Night: Enid Haupt, publisher, Seventeen: “Is youth ready for tomorrow”

  • May Donald Barnes, Institute of Life Insurance: importance of PR

1955-56: NCR’s George Head is president; he is later to become chairman of AFA. Membership at 268. Weber, Geiger & Kalat joins AAAA. Meetings at Van Cleve.

  • Oct. Emerson Foote, McCann-Erickson: Advertising yesterday and tomorrow

  • Nov. Raymond Moley, Newsweek: What business can do about politics…at Miami

  • Apr. Ladies Night: DuPont & Jam Handy: sales promotion for new products

  • May W. L. Stensgaard, Stensgaard & Assoc.: Point of sale promotion

1956-57: Ray Spahr of Peoples Bank is president. Membership at 270. Meetings at the Van Cleve.

  • Oct. Ellis Redden, Top Value: Merchandising value of trading stamps

  • Nov. Thornton Snead, Jr., Booz Allen & Hamilton: Selling advertising to the boss

  • Dec. Leo Lerner, Chicago Community Newspapers: Role of weekly newspapers

  • Jan. Ruth Jones, J. Walter Thompson: Trials of a time buyer…at Gibbons (charbroiled steaks)

  • Feb. Fred Thompson, Jr., Readers Digest: Demand for good magazines…Van Cleve with closed circuit TV from McCall’s

  • Mar. Fred Roser, FR Associates: New techniques in PR

  • Apr. Hugh Ray, Sears & Roebuck: Managing print ads for 700 retail stores

  • May Awards & Guest Night: Herbert Klynn, UPA Pictures: Film animation

1957-58: Norm Van Zant of Kircher, Helton & Collett is president. Membership at 253. Dues at $35. DAC officially joins AFA after past participation.

  • Sept. Ad Club picnic at Midway Lodge, Miamisburg

  • Oct. C. James “Jim” Proud, AFA president (DAC president, 1946): The Proud Persuaders at the Biltmore

  • Nov. Michael O’Neill, TV Guide…at Miami

  • Dec. Glenn Mohrman, Gallup & Robinson: Research on copy effectiveness…Van Cleve

  • Jan. Ed Zern, Geyer: How to rewrite ad copy…Van Cleve

  • Feb. Myron Scott, PR for Chevrolet: “You’ve got to have faith”…Van Cleve

  • Mar. Joint meeting with Dayton Sales Executives Club: Red Motley, Parade: How to increase your income $1,000 next year…at Miami

  • Apr. Guest Night: Dr. Virginia Miles, McCann-Erickson: Research and market planning…at Miami

  • May Joint meeting with Art Center Dayton: M. B. Cather and Fred Peck, Grant ad agency: New ideas in advertising…Miami

1958-59: Fred Detmar of Dayton Power & Light Co. is president. Membership at 264. Meetings at the Van Cleve.
Nov. Guest Night: Charlotte Montgomery, Good Housekeeping (1954 Adwoman of the year): What women do and don’t like about advertising; with male fashion show from Metropolitan

  • Dec. G. Herbert True, Notre Dame U.: More and better creativity

  • Mar. Red Motley, Parade magazine, returns

1959-60: Paul Willis of Willis Case Harwood is president. Membership of 260. David K. Burnap agency formed. Meetings at the Van Cleve.

  • Sept. Golf Tournament at Walnut Grove: $12.50 for golf and dinner

  • Oct. Joint meeting with Dayton Better Business Bureau: James Fish, General Mills and AFA chairman: Truthful advertising

  • Nov. Dr. Lyndon O. Brown, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample: What to expect from an advertising agency in the ‘60s

  • Dec. Michael Halbert, DuPont: Operations research

  • Jan. Arno Johnson, J. Walter Thompson: Market research and planning

  • Feb. Ruddick Lawrence, NY Stock Exchange

  • Mar. Don Tennant of Leo Burnett

  • Apr. Hobart Franks, Atlanta Jounral-Constitution: Newspaper advertising

  • May Exhibition ’59: Charles Coiner, N. W. Ayer…at Suttmiller’s

1960-61: M. G. “Mike” Healy of Frigidaire is president. 260 members on roster. Meetings at the Van Cleve.

  • Aug. Golf Thing at Walnut Grove CC: $12.50 for golf and dinner

  • Oct. W. B. Courtney, Sunbeam: Marketing story of the electric frypan…Miami

  • Nov. Alden James, Outdoor Advertising, Inc.: Symbiosis in advertising

  • Dec. A. Edward Miller, publisher of McCall’s

  • Jan. Robert Ganger, D’Arcy, sponsored by AAAA

  • Feb. Clarence Hatch, Campbell-Ewald, AE on Olds account: Creativity

  • Mar. William Durbin, PR at American Cyanamid: The hidden persuaders

  • Apr. James Quirk, TV Guide: Advertising and morality

  • May Joint meeting with Dayton Sales Executives Club: Wallace Ponder, McGraw-Hill…Miami

1961-62: Howard Durst of Dayton Coca Cola is president. Membership at 235. Meetings at the Van Cleve.

  • Oct. Conrad Jones, Booz Allen Hamilton: Managing new products

  • Nov. Margot Sherman, McCann-Erickson: The personal approach to advertising

  • Dec. Golden Anniversary Ball at the Imperial House.

  • Jan. Bob Blegen, Campbell-Mithun: Creativity

  • Apr. Wives Night: Genevieve “Hap” Hazzard, Campbell-Ewald (1960 Adwoman of the year), with women’s fashion show

  • May Freeman Craw, type designer: Contemporary influences in the graphic arts

1962-63: Mead’s ad manager Cliff Schaible is president. Membership at 270. Meetings switch to the Stratford House.

  • Aug. Golf Stag at Moraine CC: $14 for golf and dinner

  • Nov. John J. McDevitt, Lippincott & Margulies: Corporate image

  • Dec. Sid Bernstein, Advertising Age magazine

  • Jan. Arthur Tatham, Tatham-Laird: What’s going on in your advertising

  • Feb. Walter Weir on creativity

  • Mar. Day-long creative seminar: Jean Simpson, 1962 Adwoman of the year: How to talk to people through advertising; Hooper White, TV critic: Best television commercials; local panel: Copy torture chamber; Jack Baxter: How much should an adman earn; Evening meeting: Jack Baxter: American Film Festival Awards…all at Stratford House

  • Apr. Harry Wayne McMahan: Television advertising around the world

  • May Awards Night: Comedians Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding…at the Sheraton

1963-64: John Webster of Weber, Geiger & Kalat is president. Membership at 245. DAC-sponsored Junior Achievement wins national award. Long-range planning committee looks to 1985. Past-president Fred Detmar (DP&L) named 5 th District Adman of the Year; Winnie Braden of Thal’s is club Adwoman of the Year. Jim Dapp starts his own agency.

  • Sept. Golf Stag at Moraine CC: $14 for golf and dinner

  • Nov. Florence Golden, Grey (1963 AFA Adwoman of the Year)

  • Dec. Day-long copy clinic with Jack Baxter, Post Keyes Gardner at Stratford House; evening meeting with Baxter on best of newspaper ads

  • Jan. Dr. Noah Langdale, Jr., Georgia State College, on ethics

  • Feb. Herbert Bain, American Meat Institute: The role of public relations…Van Cleve

  • Mar. Dance at the Antioch Temple

  • Apr. All-day TV seminar with Harry Wayne McMahan; 100 attended

  • May Ira Hayes, NCR: Sales seminar and stage show at Sheraton

  • 1964-65: William Carlin of NCR is president. Roster lists 275 members, 37 from NCR. Elmer Walsh named Adman of the Year.

  • Sept. Golf Stag at Meadowbrook CC: $14 for golf and dinner

  • Jan. Dr. Bergen Evans, Northwestern University: Language and the meaning of words

  • May Awards Night: Thomas Harrison, Blair Radio…Sheraton

1965-66: Ed Warner, PR director for General Motors Dayton facilities, is president. 279 roster members.

  • Oct. Pat Gallagher, N. W. Ayer: Big bang theory of creativity

  • Nov. Myra Janco Daniels, Draper Daniels, 1965 Adwoman of the Year

  • Dec. Legislators Night: Arthur Meyerhoff: Advertising fights for freedom…Van Cleve

  • Jan. Paul Coble, Marschalk: Preparing annual reports

  • Apr. Chester Posey, McCann-Erickson: The challenge of management

1966-67: Weir McBride of Systems Research Laboratories is club president. 245 members. Dues at $45. Meetings at the Van Cleve.

  • Oct. DAC hosts 5 th District Convention 10/26-28; day-long seminar with creative consultant

  • Bill Tyler, Draper Daniels of his own agency and Hooper White of Leo Burnett; Dr. Noah Langdale addresses evening meeting

  • Nov. Henry Mattoon, McCann-Erickson: Award-winning ads

  • Jan. Educators Night: James Bostain, US State Dept.: Language and communication

  • Feb. David Bascom of Guild, Bascom & Bonfigli (as Milford “Stanley” Poltroon, editor of The Wretched Mess News)

  • Mar. Robert Rollings, Specialty Advertising Assn.

  • May Walter Ayres, Brook Smith French & Dorrance

1967-68: Ed Veda of Yeck & Yeck is president. Annual budget tops $20,000 with 251 members. 1,200 entries in DAC Exhibit. Dorothy Sanders of Rike’s chosen as second DAC Adwoman of the Year.

  • Oct. Jim Townsend…at the Sheraton, formerly the Biltmore in an ownership change

  • Nov. Joe DiBuono: Television spot production…Sheraton

  • Feb. 1: Ernest Jones, McManus, John & Adams: Seven paths through the creative jungle 29: 100 High School guidance counselors attend a career seminar with presentations by DAC members Nick Sabatino, Doc Metcalfe, Hap Moon, Roy Ljungren; dinner address by John Yeck

  • Mar. Carl Ally, Carl Ally, Inc., on Hertz-Avis campaign; also Businessman’s Clinic seminar with local panelists Roy Ljungren, Winnie Braden, Ed Warner and UD’s Dr. Max Dinsmore

  • Apr. Richard Forbes, Chrysler

  • May Awards Night: Best of Show Hermes to Kemper Agency for Schoenling spots

1968-69: William Patterson of Patterson Graphics is president and begins a popular column in the AdVisor that continues for many years. Annual dues at $45. Meetings at the Sheraton. Odiorne announces computerized media services.

  • Oct. Robert Noel, Leo Burnett: The Green Giant story

  • Nov. Chuck Blore, radio consultant and creative humor specialist

  • Dec. Myra Janco Daniels returns: How to turn on your customers

  • Jan. Magician “The Great Donaldo” – supplement to program?

  • Feb. 6: Ray Monsalvage, motivational speaker formerly with Dayton’s National Management Association

  • Feb. 12: Seminar at Statler Hilton (formerly the Dayton Inn) with speakers: Tony Chevins, Cunningham & Walsh, “Show it to me, baby;” Al Ries, Ries Cappiello, on 10 basic principles of advertising; novelist Dick Perry; insurance consultant Russ Knight; local humor columnist Erma Bombeck; also Saul Bass’ award-winning film “Why Men Create”

  • Apr. Legislators Night: 14 legislators and administrators attend, hear AAF president Howard Bell and see exhibit of 50 portraits that became Time covers; Bart Brooks receives Silver Medal

  • May Awards Night at Sheraton

1969-70: Fred Norris of Dayton Power & Light is president. Membership at 248. Meetings at the Sheraton. Year starts with drive to reach 300 members. Club helps pass renewal of the City Income Tax.

  • Oct. 2: Duke Marx, Marx ad agency: Retail advertising with television

  • Oct. 30: John Scott, Time magazine: News from the Middle East

  • Dec. Charles Curran, Doyle Dane Bernbach: Advertising research

  • Jan.? Warren Erhardt, McCall’s: Media buying

  • Feb. Art Stevens, BDN Public Relations: Coordinating advertising and public relations

  • Mar. Barry Frank, ABC-TV Sports

  • Apr. Stan Tannenbaum, Kenyon & Eckhardt: Dos and don’ts of good advertising

  • May James Isham, Needham: A successful look at advertising

1970-71: Bruce Bemis of Willis Case Harwood is president. Roster lists 219 names. Annual dues at $55/year.

  • Oct. Walter Joyce: Marketing Communications magazine: Humor in advertising…Sheraton

  • Nov. Dr. Roger Blackwell, Ohio State: Anatomy of the youth market…Dayton Inn

  • Dec. Dr. Douglas LaFollette, U. of Wisconsin: Does ecology need a gimmick

  • Jan. Amelia Bassin, Bassinova, NYC (1970 AFA Adwoman of the year)…Sheraton

  • Feb. James Nicholson, Federal Trade Commission: Government regulation of the mass media…at Sheraton

  • Mar. Mike Pekarek, NCR Speakers Bureau: Challenge of change in relationships…Sheraton

  • Apr. Sam Ferber, Esquire magazine: Print advertising…Dayton Inn

1971-72: Jim Bennett of WING Radio is president. 223 members. Meetings at the Dayton Inn.

  • Oct. Bill Firman, ABC-TV

  • Nov. Marc Wyse, Wyse Advertising: The Smuckers Story

  • Dec. Dr. Bruce Morrison, Miami U., Oxford: Sex in advertising

  • Jan. Stutterin’ Sam Hunter, comedian. England’s Sir Reginald St. George announced as speaker in a giant put-on

  • Feb. Woody Hayes, Ohio State football coach, on winning strategies

  • Mar. Hugh Sidey, Time magazine

  • Apr. Milton Caniff, comics illustrator and Dayton native

1972-73: Roy Ljungren of NCR is president. 233 members. Meetings at the Dayton Inn. George MacGregor’s finance column in AdViser notes Dow-Jones closes 1972 at $1,020. WING makes audio tapes of program at each meeting. Guest fee for spouses cut to $6. Models from Sisson and Sharkey modeling agencies are guests at all meetings.

  • Oct. Fr. Emory Tang, Franciscan priest: Love and communications TV series

  • Nov. James Boaz, WXIX-TV: Management by objective

  • Dec. John Ward, L’Eggs, and Gary Susnjave, Dancer, on “The L’Eggs Story”

  • Feb. Elizabeth MacDonald Manning, publisher of Finance magazine

  • Mar. Ernie Kellerman and Pat Manson from Bengals : Is there life after football?

  • Apr. John Scott, Time magazine, makes his third visit to DAC

  • May Awards Night at new Dayton Convention Center with WLW-D’s Dewey Hopper as MC; Best of Show Hermes to Willis Case Harwood for Ponderosa campaign

1973-74: Harry Mouer of First National Bank as president. Meetings at the Dayton Inn. Penny Ohlmann Neiman installs an H-P computer system. Watergate scandal is topic of conversation. Bill Carlin, former club president, dies in September, and WLW-D celebrates 25 th anniversary in March.

  • Sep. Golf Outing at Walnut Grove CC with Chrysler car as prize for hole-in-one and free PGA golf lesson for the highest score

  • Oct. Michael Fellichio, Penthouse magazine, with model Avril Lund: their battle with Playboy

  • Nov. 1973 Clio winners with Bruce Stauderman of Meldrum & Fewsmith

  • Dec. Roast of Phil Donahue, network TV talk show host and former Daytonian; roasters include Bob Braun, Paul “Baby” Dixon and Stan Mouse…304 attend

  • Jan. Jim Stein, Campbell-Mithun: Minnesota program to cut VD

  • Feb. Wives Night: Dick Clarke: Modeling, with women’s fashion show from Rike’s…at the Convention Center

  • Feb. 22: DAC theater party at Memorial Hall to hear Sandler & Young

  • Mar. Sid McAllister, McCann-Erickson: The Coca Cola story

  • Apr. Winfield Holden, J. Walter Thompson: 7 Up – The Uncola story

  • May Awards Night at the Convention Center

1974-75: Jim Bridges of Bridges & Sharp ad agency is president. 220 on roster. Annual dues at $55. Meetings at the Dayton Inn. Lamar donates a downtown billboard to promote DAC membership. Ex-president Norm VanZant dies in September. Ad Club forms committee to work with Dayton-Montgomery County Bicentennial Commission.

  • Sep. Golf Outing at Walnut Grove CC

  • Oct. Ronald Foth, Byer & Bowman: Using radio effectively

  • Nov. Clio winners

  • Dec. Elmer Walsh Night: Larry Truesdale, Truesdale & Associates, on Goodyear Racing Division promotion…in UD Arena’s Associates Lounge

  • Jan. Celebrity Roast of Jack Wymer, after 45 years of WING’s Man On The Street, with roasters Harlan Fengler, Lou Emm, Omar Williams and Jonathan Winters (on tape)…200 attend

  • Feb. Pat Carbine of MS magazine

  • Mar. Lawrence Goodman and Christo Jackson of NAB: Review of best newspaper creative

  • Apr. Henry Berry, Business Week, baseball historian and author with vintage films

  • May Awards Night at the Biltmore Towers – 629 entries

1975-76: Jim Dapp of James Dapp Advertising is club president. 200 members meeting at Dayton Inn. Dues remain at $55. Dayton public television designated as WPTD/TV-16 and WPTO/TV-14 for Oxford. WING moves to new quarters on E. David Rd.

  • Oct. James Dolan, Shield Productions: Getting the most from your broadcast commercials

  • Nov. Charles Fredericks, Jr., Ogilvie & Mather: Aim toothpaste Vs. Crest and Colgate

  • Dec. Robert Hartje, Wittenberg U. history professor on Selling the Bicentennial

  • Jan.* Jack Salmon, First National Bank: Selling automatic teller machines

  • Apr.* Henry Turnbull, Clinton E. Frank: Creativity

  • May Awards Night

1976-77: Gene Thompson of Kircher, Helton & Collett is president. 216 members.

  • Dec. Harry Wayne McMahan: 100 best TV spots

  • Feb. Honoring local TV sports personalities – Si Burick, Daily News; Ritter Collett, Journal-Herald; Tom Hamlin, WHIO-TV and Omar Williams, WDTN-TV…at Biltmore

  • Mar. E. Lawrence Goodman, NAB: Newspaper advertising

  • Apr. Roast of Stan Mouse, Cox Broadcasting

1977-78: Don Schwartz of WONE/WTUE Radio is club president. 216 on roster, including 40 women. Most meetings at the Ramada Inn, 330 W. First

  • Dec. Speaker from NAB: 10 opportunities for creative newspaper advertising

  • Jan. Cannes Film Festival…at the Biltmore

  • Feb. Hyman Brown, CBS Radio Mystery Theater: The joy of listening…back at Ramada

  • Mar. Richard Roslow, Pulse radio rating service: Measuring human behavior

  • Apr. John Jakes, author and former DAC member: Latest series on CBS-TV Operation Prime Time; 20 autographed books given away

  • May Awards Night at Stouffer’s, with Joe Waldman as MC

1978-79: Ed O’Neil of Dayton Newspapers is president. Club sponsors Boy Scout Explorer Troop. George Head dies in 1978. Meetings at the Ramada.

  • Aug. Fresh Air Affair outing at Walnut Grove CC with four-color T-shirts…$25 for golf/dinner

  • Oct. Ron Seawright, CPC Animation

  • Nov. Jack Kraushaar, BBDO: Pepsi Cola campaign

  • Dec. Harry Wayne McMahan: Program and two hour workshop for students

  • Jan. Tom Seaver, Cincinnati Reds: Celebrity endorsements

  • Feb. Ron Eiserling on Polaroid’s instant photography

  • Mar. Dick Rich, Wells Rich Greene: The Wendy’s hamburger campaign

  • Apr. Gail Smith, advertising director for General Motors: Government regulation of the auto industry

  • June Silver (for 75 th anniversary) Hermes at Wegerzyn Garden Center

1979-80: Alan Hart of Willis Case Harwood is president. Membership up to 270 with 65 women. DAC offices move to 349 W. First. Meetings at the Ramada.

  • Aug. Golf (2 events) and Tennis at Walnut Grove…$25 for golf and buffet lunch

  • Oct. David McCall, McCaffrey & McCall: Big agencies aren’t always better

  • Nov. Christine Meyers, OMNI magazine: Launching a new publication

  • Dec. 1979 Clio Film awards

  • Jan. Pat Carbine of MS magazine returns

  • Feb. Mike Peters of Daily News and Bob Englehart of Journal-Herald on political cartooning

  • Mar. First U.S. showing of Cannes winners, preceded by radio seminar from RAB

  • Apr. Jack Gordon, Advertising Age: 40 best all-time ads and a look ahead; separate seminars on newspaper and print production

  • May 25 th Annual Hermes Awards at Dayton Art Institute; seminar by TVB

1980-81: The club’s 70 th year. David Young of Stoff & Young is president. Total membership – 286. Most meetings at the Ramada and DAC offices are there, Dayton USA magazine goes from monthly to bi-monthly and drops USA name. Bob Collett dies. Thom Doran & Partners founded. “It’s great ‘n Dayton” campaign breaks.

  • Oct. Hooper White returns with Best of TV Spots…164 attend

  • Nov. Cannes Film Festival… 326 attend!

  • Dec. D. L. Stewart, local humor columnist, on “Why humor is no laughing matter”…235 attend

  • Jan. Judy Young Ocko, writer and consultant: Making your advertising work harder…210

  • Feb. Joseph Kelley, VP, ABC…175

  • Mar. Peter Kann, VP, Dow Jones: “Asia: The Dynamic Marketplace”…160

  • Apr. William Lamparter, president, National Association of Printers & Lithographers…170

  • May Hermes at Dayton Art Institute

1981-82: Total membership – 305, a new high. Nancy Dick Clarke becomes first woman president of DAC. John Yeck inducted into Direct Mail Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame. Elmer Walsh resigns as AdVisor editor. First three meetings at Ramada.

  • Aug. Golf and Tennis at Walnut Grove CC.

  • Oct. Dave Cornelius, Bajus-Jones: Animation is not just for kids…173 attend

  • Nov. H. John Sweger, Jr., McGraw-Hill: Getting people to buy…242

  • Dec. Neil Calet, Calet Hirsch Kurnit & Spector: Writing prize-winning copy; last meeting at Ramada (moving to Marriott)…209

  • Jan. ’81 Clio Award Winners, MCed by Ron Bott of Needham; Marriott is brand new home…284

  • Feb. Night At The Races: Ed Lang films of trotter races with betting allowed; 305 is largest turnout to date for a regular meeting

  • Mar. Jim Kobs, Kobs & Brady: Profitable direct mail…247

  • Apr. Jerry Hoegner, The Higbee Co.: Formula for advertising in the 80s…261

  • May Hermes at Dayton Art Institute…430 estimated attendance.

1982-83: Michael Stoff of Stoff & Young is president. Total membership – 265. Annual budget at $50,000. Dues at $90. At the Marriott.

  • Aug. Bob Yeck chairs golf outing – “Just For The Sun Of It” – at Walnut Grove CC. $29 fee.

  • Oct. Arnold Rosenfeld, Dayton Newspapers editor: Best newspaper creative, with seminar…183

  • Nov. Jack Graham, Advertising Age: Talk and film on 50 years of advertising…192

  • Dec. Clio award winners; 321 sets another new attendance record for regular meeting

  • Jan. Jack Myers, editor, Electronic Media Report: Look at network broadcasting…195

  • Feb. Night At The Races again with Ed Lang films…286

  • Mar. Nevin Carroll, Institute of Outdoor Advertising: Marketing benefits of outdoor…172

  • Apr. John Jay Daly, Daly & Associates: Direct mail communications…208

  • May Awards Night at the Engineers Club

1983-84: John Jay of WAVI/WDAO Radio is president. Total membership – 270. Annual budget at $55,000. Meetings at the Marriott.

  • Aug. Just For The Sun Of It II golf at Walnut Grove; $30 for golf and meal

  • Oct. Tom Murray…197

  • Nov. Reed Levine…173

  • Dec. Cannes Film Festival winners… 401, another new record!

  • Jan. Craig Marshall, GMA Research: Changes in marketing strategy…187

  • Feb. Night At The Races: Ed Lang films…298

  • Mar. John McIlquham, Direct Marketing magazine; bicycle as door prize…168

  • Apr. Lynne Meena, Newspapers: Best newspaper ads…188

1984-85: Robert A. Yeck of Yeck Brothers Co. is president. Total membership – 296. Annual budget at $60,000, dues at $100. Meetings move to the Mandalay Banquet Center. DAC offices move to Centre City Building, 7 E. Fourth. WRGT/TV-45 on the air in November, and Dayton Business Journal debuts in December. Agencies take turns designing monthly AdVisor.

  • Aug. Judy Green chairs Picnic In The Grove golf outing at Walnut Grove CC — $25

  • Oct. Pat Cafferata, Needham, Harper & Steers: Is woman making a man of herself?…257

  • Nov. Marty Rudolph, Levi Strauss: Marketing of sports attire…200

  • Dec. Cannes Film Award Winners…311

  • Jan. Erica Farber, Interep: Radio in the 80s…207

  • Feb. 7: Night At The Races: Ed Lang films…310

  • Feb. 28: Direct marketing seminar

  • Mar. Walt Woodward, Perfect Pitch: Creating creativity (music/jingles)…179

  • Apr. Dr. William Schaeffer, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation…155

  • May Hermes at the Marriott

1985-86: Mike Fariello of Willis Case Harwood serves as president in Diamond Jubilee Year. Annual dues at $110. Membership at new high of 307. Budget is $71,000. KH&C becomes Flynn Sabatino. Meetings at the Mandalay. TV-7 gets satellite hookup.

  • Aug. Dick Reardon chairs Swing Your Thing golf outing at Sycamore Creek CC, $40 for golf and dinner

  • Oct. Mark Del Col and Steve Martino, Cranston/Csuri: Animation and computer graphics

  • Nov. Tom Heine, Dayton Chamber of Commerce: A 15-year projection for Dayton

  • Dec. 1985 Clio Award winners (first US showing)

  • Jan. William K. Burton, Eastman Radio: Creative radio advertising Feb. 75 th Anniversary Gala at Mandalay; DAC past presidents give flashbacks to their eras; telegram received from President Reagan and proclamations from Gov. Celeste and

  • Mayor Leonard; dancing to big band after presentations

  • Mar. 6: George Stearns, Piedmont Airlines: Marketing during the fare wars

  • Mar. 11: 3-hour radio seminar at Marriott; speakers include Ken Anderson, ex-Bengals QB and current Dayton beer distributor

  • Apr. Harry McGee, International Industries Association: Future of communications technology

  • May Hermes Night at the Mandalay with TV star Gordon Jump as MC

1986-87: Jack Culp of Audio Visual Systems is president. Dues at $125, budget at $79,000. DAC offices move again to 3300 S. Dixie. Meetings at the Mandalay.
Aug. “A Slice of Summer” Golf and Tennis at Sycamore; $50 for golf and dinner. Nancy
Hendricksen is chair.

  • Oct. John Higgins, IMSA driver/car owner: Camel GT racing films; cars in garage area

  • Nov. Barbara Lippert, Ad Week: Creative critiques of current campaigns

  • Dec. Herschell G. Lewis, Communicorp: Seven deadly sins of copy writing

  • Jan. Mike Peters, DNI editorial cartoonist; lots of newsprint cartoons made

  • Feb. Cannes Film Festival winners

  • Mar. Tommy Teepell, Lamar: Secrets of time management

  • Apr. John Elkins, Naisbitt Group: Spotting trends; Herschell Lewis returns for seminar on secrets of successful copy writing

  • May Hermes at Mandalay

1987-88: Judy Green of Yeck Brothers is president. DAC sponsors student chapter at Wright State. Hermes cancelled this year to put our competition in synch with AAF schedule.

  • Aug. Mike Stoff and Pat Parrish co-chair “Summer Campers” golf outing at Sycamore; $60

  • Oct. Tom Sparks, Carden & Cherry: Humor in advertising featuring Ernest P. Worrell’s “Hey, Vern” spots

  • Nov. Sally Derrick, Kings Island on Winterfest plans…meeting at Kings Island Inn with bus transportation from Mandalay

  • Jan. Marilyn Tomasi, Ohio Division of Travel & Tourism, scheduled to appear but cancelled out at last minute because of severe ice storm (how ironic); John Yeck filled in with stories, honoring his 30 year commitment as substitute speaker for first time

  • Feb. Clio award winners

  • Mar. Bob Mariano, Fox TV Network; seminar with Tim Hrastar of Alpha Communications on delivering exciting and persuasive presentations

  • Apr. Jim Brickman, award winning jingles and music; also presentation by Bill Ford on Dayton’s new “Aviation Trail” plans

  • May Media Auction

1988-89: Thom Doran of Thom Doran & Partners is president. DAC produces “Aviation Trail” booklet. Yeck Brothers celebrate 50 th anniversary of their company. Two scholarship winners at Sinclair. Club searches for placement of student interns. WDTN/TV-2 celebrates 40 th anniversary. Meetings at the Mandalay.

  • Aug. Jane McDougall and Bob Lewis chair Summer Cooler golf outing at Miami Valley Country Club; $65 for dinner and golf

  • Sept. Jeff Hoyt and Brent Walker, radio creative production team

  • Oct. Michael Gerber, author: Dream of the American small business

  • Nov. Tony Malara, CBS-TV Affiliate Relations: CBS-TV programming

  • Dec. Tom Lanseer, performance analyst: Optimal achievement to inspire success

  • Jan. David Rogers, author: Art of the master strategist in business

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes awards

  • Mar. Bernard Flanagan, Wall St. Journal: Advertising and marketing in the 90s

  • Apr. Lynne Meena, NAB: Athena newspaper awards

  • May Media Auction and Pig Roast at Gilbert’s Party Barn ($15) with proceeds to scholarships and Aviation Trail promotion

  • July Polo and Volleyball Party with Cincinnati Ad Club ($6)

1989-90: Marvin Christian of Christian Studios is president. 206 on roster. WKEF-TV celebrates 25 th anniversary. Kay Hamm retires after 60 years in the business. Meetings at the Mandalay.

  • Sept. Johnny Miller chairs“Endless Summer” Golf Outing at Sycamore Creek CC: $70 for golf and dinner…trip to Hawaii as top prize.

  • Oct. Mick Scott, American Advertising Museum: History of advertising

  • Nov. Pier Mapes, president, NBC-TV: Network TV in the 90s

  • Dec. Jeff Edelstein, NY attorney: Advertising & The Law; also Clio award winners

  • Jan. Steve Burrows, Anheuser-Busch: “Know when to say when” campaign

  • Feb. 1 – Page Thompson, DDB Needham: Fragmentation and changing media trends

  • Feb. 24 – ADDY/Hermes Awards presented by 13 past-presidents

  • Mar. E. R. Torre, GSM/Marketing, and Peter Levin, Ad Director, Cadillac: Cadillac style

  • Apr. David Martin, The Martin Agency: The power of advertising and how to use it; Silver Medal presented to Elwyn Failor

  • May Media Auction & Pig Roast at Gilbert’s Party Barn

1990-91: Fred Tuzzi of Art Direction is president. Internship program continues. Literacy Council chosen for public service activity. $1,000 scholarship for WSU student. Deductibility of advertising expenses questioned, mobilizes industry. Bart Brooks dies in November. Meetings at the Mandalay.

  • Sept. Ruth Wilson chairs “Autumn Daze” Golf Outing at Miami Valley CC; $79

  • Oct. Dr. Judy Kuriansky: Sex in advertising (116 attend)

  • Nov. Jeff Hedquist, audio creator, producer and voice talent (100)

  • Dec. Joint meeting with Art Center Dayton; John Lemmon as speaker (245)

  • Jan. Cannes winners with Jess Korman as MC…110 attend

  • Feb. Charlie Clagett, D’Arcy: “This Bud’s for you” campaign with frog spots anthology (109)

  • Mar. Crab Races with Jim Morgan (73)

  • Apr. Tommy Teepell, Lamar, returns: How not to create outstanding outdoor, shows OBIE winners; Ed Lang receives Silver Medal (106)

  • May Media Auction and Pig Roast at Polen Farm

1991-92: Doug Farber of Penny Ohlmann Neiman is president. 80 th Anniversary Year. Public service project is Literacy Council, results in placing over 200 tutors. Guest fees at $23. DAC committee judges anti-drug posters done by Dayton primary school students in May. Meetings at Mandalay.

  • July Judy Wheeler chairs ’91 In The Sun golf outing at NCR CC; $93 for dinner and golf

  • Sept. Ellen Havre Weiss…94 attend

  • Oct. Cannes winners (118)

  • Nov. Speaker?: Enhancing advertising effectiveness (89)

  • Dec. Jimm Burris (91)

  • Jan. Michael LeFevre, Bert & Barz: seminar and program on audio history of radio

  • Feb. Hermes night at Dayton Convention Center with John Yeck as keynoter

  • Mar. Wally Snyder, AAF president: afternoon seminar on DAC concerns, evening program covers legislative report; John Webster receives Silver Medal…at Marriott

  • Apr. 1-10: American Advertising Museum on display in Gem Plaza atrium: history of advertising from 1920 to 1969; DAC reception on 4/1

  • Apr. Regular meeting: Lynne Meena, NAB: Best newspaper ads in past 25 years…Marriott

  • May 5 th Annual Media Auction at Polen Farm raises $18,000 for club project; 80 attended; Mike Fariello as auctioneer

1992-93: Jeff Becht of Lamar Outdoor is president. Phone survey shows 52% prefer evening meetings, 43% prefer luncheons, so mix will be offered this year. Annual dues give option of $170 with all meals prepaid or $100 for pay-as-you-go meals. Literacy public service campaign wins AAF award. “Learn to set your hook” multi-media membership campaign brings in 50 new members. Scholarship campaign supported by radio PSAs. Total membership at 178. Meetings at Mandalay.

  • Sept. Dale Remy chairs Shoot Out At High Noon golf and tennis outing at NCR Country Club; $89

  • Oct. Phil Goodman, Western Media Corp.: Targeting the baby boomers (137 attended)

  • Nov. Ave Butensky, TVB: TV – the next plateau. Noon meeting (131). Morning seminar: Warren Kurtzman, Arbitron: Secrets of media research

  • Dec. Daniel Russ, GSD&M: Censorship and programming (71). Afternoon seminar: Bill Mathis, BMI: Secrets of market research

  • Jan. Cannes Film Festival (129)

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes at Dayton Convention Center

  • Mar. Ed Lawler, Business Marketing magazine: Best of “Copy Chasers” (66) Also copy

  • seminar

  • Apr. Judy Eggart, designer of costumes, characters and mascots: Bringing Advertising to Life (66); Seminar: Jeff Edelstein returns on Advertising & The Law

  • May Joel Pett, Lexington KY Herald Leader editorial cartoonist (55); John Yeck given Silver Medal

1993-94: Bruce D’Autremont of The Avtech Co. is president. DAC and Better Business Bureau develop Truth In Advertising program. Public service campaign for The Other Place. Meetings at the Mandalay.

  • Sept. Terri Dearth chairs DACtoberfest outing at Sycamore Creek CC; $79

  • Oct. Program: Pick ratings winners from new TV shows (102); Seminar: local panel tells how to pick an advertising agency

  • Nov. Bob Garfield, Advertising Age: Political advertising review (111); Seminar: local newsmen panelists (NP/R/TV) on how to work with the press

  • Dec. Anna Kabot, Ross Roy: Creating better advertising (117); Seminar: Local panelists tell how to develop a marketing plan

  • Jan. Cannes winners (106)

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes Awards at Sinclair Community College; Bill Ford gets Silver Medal

  • Mar. Judith Rich, Ketchum PR Worldwide: Creating a workout for your mind (65)

  • Apr. Craig and Pat Rider, Career Resources: How to get organized (113); Seminar: Local panel tells how to market a parity product

  • May George Hyde, RAB: AM Seminar on solving customer needs; Program: The Creative Power of Radio (158)

  • June Media Auction at Polen Farm

1994-95: Sherry Rockwell of WDTN/TV is president in the club’s 83 rd year. 179 members. 10 scholarships awarded. Elmer Walsh dies in October. Meetings at the Mandalay.

  • Aug. John Wise chairs Summer Sizzler golf outing at Meadowbrook CC; $90 fee

  • Oct. John Lawson, Lawson Research International, on mastering change (115 attended)

  • Nov. Dick Dubleman, Veritas Productions: Video/film workshop and program (165)

  • Dec. Jim Brickman: Commercial music in the ‘90s (77)

  • Jan. Cannes Film Festival; seminar with BBB on Truth In Advertising (185)

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes Awards: Walter Ohlmann gets Silver Medal

  • Mar. Alan Brody, TECHmarketing, on Interactive Advertising (150)

  • Apr. Todd Harper, Apple Computers, on use of computers in advertising (140)

  • May Chuck Blore: Seminar and program on radio creative (135)

1995-96: Michael Woolley of Weber, Geiger & Kalat is president. 157 members. 10 scholarships awarded. Public service campaign for Daybreak is nominated for a J. C. Penney “Golden Rule Award”. Meetings at Mandalay.

  • Aug. Ron Beam chairs golf outing at Dayton CC; $110 for golf and dinner

  • Oct. Pick the ratings winners among the new TV shows (102 attended)

  • Nov. D. Wendal Attig: Marketplace of the mind, positioning strategy (98)

  • Dec. Holiday Carnival of Caring at Mandalay with crab races, caricaturist, psychic, magician raises $500 for Daybreak; 100 gifts donated to Montgomery County Children Services:

  • Craig Chancellor of United Way as speaker (71)

  • Jan. Cannes Film Festival (103)

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes at Sinclair Community College. Flynn Sabatino & Day wins 4 Hermes. Thom Doran wins Silver Medal

  • Mar. Richard Segal, Hensley Segal Rentschler: Advertising on the World Wide Web (182)

  • Apr. Tommy Teepell, Lamar: Best of outdoor advertising (100). Also sales seminar: The Big Bubba School

  • May Wall St. Journal sponsors “Meeting of the Minds” with noted admen Avrett, Cosmopolous, Lord and Kopcha responding to member questions (104); preceded by a day-long “Masters of Media” seminar on computer-based design and publishing with technology demonstrations

  • June Auction at NCR Country Club

1996-97: Norman Vallone of MessageWorks is president. 149 members. DAC donation to ’97 Great Escape helps raise over $17,000 for Red Cross. At the Mandalay.

  • Aug. Pat Parrish and Judy Wheeler co-chair Summer Games ’96 outing at Miami Valley CC; $110

  • Oct. Rich Roselle, Roselle & Associates: “WWW: The Good, Bad & Profitable” program (125 attending) and seminar

  • Nov. Ave Butensky, TVB, returns: Interactive TV advertising (114)

  • Dec. Another Carnival of Caring with karaoke, DJ, crab races and photos with Santa; funds to Dayton Boys & Girls Club; also gifts for MCCS (69)

  • Jan. Cannes Film Festival (88), preceded by Dr. Frank Carmone, WSU, workshop on current trends in market research

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes at Sinclair. Bill Patterson wins Silver Medal.

  • Mar. Jeffrey Hedquist, Hedquist Productions: “Audio and Imagination” (52) and creative seminar

  • Apr. Lynne Meena returns for creative seminar and program: The power of newsprint creative (122)

  • May Susan Kellogg, Optima, seminar and program (84) on non-verbal communication

  • June Auction at NCR Country Club. DAC Hermes winners win 2 ADDYs, 2 Excellence in 5 th District competition

1997-98: Julie Mayes of Copper & Brass Sales is president. 164 members. Scholarship changes to two $1,000 awards. Donation to Hospice of Dayton in memory of Thom Doran. Meetings at the Mandalay.

  • Aug. Pat Parrish and Judy Wheeler again co-chair golf outing – Margarita Grove at Walnut Grove CC; $97

  • Sept. Bob Garfield, Advertising Age: “Advertrocities: Bad ads and how to avoid them” (108 attending)

  • Oct. Jack Crowley, Marquette U., on job satisfaction issues (46)

  • Nov. Bob Welke, Euro-RSCG Tatham: “How to win awards and keep the client happy” (89); preceded by panel of John Yeck, Mike Woolley, Jim Hausfeld and Karen Labout on how to write better copy (35)

  • Dec. Cannes Film Festival (84). Bad weather cancels Ethics seminar by Miami U. faculty

  • Jan. Dr. Judy Kuriansky: Stressed for Success (80); she also leads seminar (15) on sending messages and receiving responses

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes at Crowne Plaza. Toula Stamm wins Silver Medal.

  • Mar. Farrell Massey, Jack Daniel’s, on company’s marketing strategy, with samples of new premium whiskey (70)

  • Apr. Tommy Teepell, Lamar, returns: 110 at meeting, 37 at seminar

  • May Media & More Auction. Prize includes Seinfeld TV script. WORDS as beneficiary.

1998-99: Chris Koeller of GZK, Inc. is president. PS campaign for Epilepsy Foundation. Meetings continue at Mandalay. John Yeck dies in February.

  • Aug. Pat and Judy chair golf outing for third time; Country Club of the North is host

  • Sept. Bob Goldsborough, Advertising Age: Best ads; preceded by Mark Rose copyright seminar…88 attend meeting

  • Oct. Tom Woodard, the voice of Bud frog, with Budweiser frog TV spots (115)

  • Nov. Diane Cimine, Outdoor Ad. Assn. of America; program (97) and seminar

  • Dec. Cannes Film Festival, preceded by second Mark Rose seminar on copyright law; 150 gifts for MCCS (4 th year)…90 people

  • Jan. Barry Blackman, computer illustrator, combining photos and digital images to achieve reality (80)

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes at Crowne Plaza. Bill Wagner of Progressive Printing gets Silver Medal…325 attending

  • Mar. Ken Yarbrough, West Wayne agency: tips on making better presentations (131)

  • Apr. Deb Cottle, consultant: Four-step process to become more productive (88)

  • May Auction at Presidential Banquet Center

1999-2000: Sara McCatherine of Eastpoint Communications is president. 155 members. Budget at $125,000. DAC promotes internships for America’s Promise. Special Wish Foundation as PS activity. Meetings at the Mandalay.

  • Aug. Golf outing at Country Club of the North again; Pat and Judy co-chair for fourth time

  • Sept. Tour of new Dayton Daily News production facility; John Williams, Cox VP, speaker

  • Oct. Bob Berkowitz, newsman/author: How media shapes attitudes about sex

  • Nov. Legislators luncheon at Mandalay. Jeff Perlman, AAF, speaker and seminar panelist with Sen. Kearns, Rep. Corbin, Vangrov from Hall’s office…nine legislators attend

  • Dec. Cannes Film Festival. Giving Tree gifts and cash raffle benefit Project Christmas Smiles

  • Jan. Mark Wright, Anheuser-Busch: A-B’s marketing plan

  • Feb. ADDY/Hermes at Crowne Plaza. Ernie Ruffolo wins Silver Medal. 350 present.

  • Mar. John Hildebrandt, Cedar Point Amusement Park: their strategies and programs

  • Apr. JoBe Cerny, actor/writer/director, on creativity; Seminar follows on Art of Making the

  • Cold Call

  • May Media & More Auction at Presidential Banquet Center