Mercury Ballot - Nominations Open for All

March 16, 2020 7:30 AM to April 30, 2020 11:59 PM

No Venue

The AAF-Dayton Mercury Awards honors advertising professionals in sales, support, vendor, media and education professions, as well as newcomers and unsung heroes.  Each professional listed on a ballot will be recognized at the Mercury Awards & Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony in the fall.  Date and location to be announced.

Ballots will be accepted from members and non-members. When balloting closes, the list of all honorees submitted by ballot will be sent only to AAF-Dayton members, who will then vote to determine the recipients of the Mercury trophy in each category (as a benefit of being a member.)  

    • Below is your ballot.  This is your opportunity to honor the advertising professionals you feel deserve recognition.  (Members, please don't forget to fill out this ballot before the deadline below.  We will then send you the link to vote on the honorees.  If you have not submitted this ballot, your honorees will not be there for you to vote on.)

    • All who are listed on the ballots will be recognized by name and with the Mercury certificate at the awards ceremony.  

    • The professional who receives the most votes by the AAF-Dayton members in a each category will receive the Mercury trophy.

    • You do not have to vote in all categories.  Once you submit your ballot, you may come back and vote again, only in the categories which you did not vote before.

    • The ballot submission deadline is Thursday, April 30th.  At that time, the list of honorees will be sent to the members to vote for the trophy winners.

    • After the ballots have all been received on April 30th, we will begin notifying the honorees.  We will let you know that we are doing this, in case you may wish to contact your honoree as well. (Those new to this may not realize they actually will be recognized.)

    • A few things to note - We sometimes find honorees who have been put in categories where they don't actually belong.  If any of these come up, we will notify you to see if you would like to move your honoree to appropriate category.  We also sometimes find honorees who feel they should not be recognized, for example a sales manager or owners who does not work with clients day to day.  They appreciate that someone recognizes them but do not wish to be in recognized over their employees.  In these instances, we will also notify you.


Reservations will be opened soon for the May 20th event.  If you have any questions about the balloting and trophy process, please contact Sara McCatherine at [email protected]