Pinewood Derby

May 01, 2020
5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Will Be Announced

(PLEASE NOTE, the date listed here may not be the actual date and location will be announced, but is necessary to allow you to purchase cars)


  • Speed - race your car down the track to victory!**
  • Creative – let your imagine be your guide!
  • Fast Creative – race your creation taking it all, speed and creative!**


  • $25 for 1 car kit,or
  • 2 car kits for $40

    There is a limit of 4 of cars registered to an individual or business. Cars previously entered in the AAF-Dayton Pinewood Derby are ineligible to be entered again.

Trophies will be given for First Place and Runner-Up in the following categories:

  • Speed – Just like it says, gang. The top car to cross our fancy electronic timer at the fastest speeds takes the trophy. As in years past, we’ll run two brackets, which means two things: 1. you’ll race more than once, and 2. at the end of the night, the fastest “loser” will take on the current ramp champ for the First Place trophy.
  • Creative – This one goes to your favorite design jaw-dropper: it’s the best mix of of originality, proportion, shape, line, details, craftsmanship…and maybe a little blood, sweat, and tears.  These cars will not be racing, just competing for creativity.
  • Fast Creative - This award is for those brave souls who are wanting to compete in design and speed.  The design of these cars will compete separately from the Creative only cars, but their speed will be counted in the speed bracket.
  • Spirit of the Derby - This single award is presented at the discretion of the Derby’s Grand Poobah, and given to the participant who brings more than just a car to the event. They bring the Grand Poobah donuts. They bring things like collaboration, great attitude, and inspiration.

All cars entered shall be constructed from the BSA official kit that you purchased from AAF-Dayton. You do not have to use the wood from the kit…but it does have the handy precut axle slots, so….think about that. Add-ons of plastic, metal, paint, fur, etc. are allowed. Have fun with your design—aside from these pesky rules, you are completely in charge of this creative project!

**RULES for Racing Cars the Speed and Fast Creative cars (since they have to adhere to the BSA rules and track size.)

We will inspect and weigh each car at the event starting at 6:00pm. You must meet these standards in order to race your car. Limited tools will be provided to help you make weight (drills, etc.) 

Race cars may weigh no more than five (5) ounces (total weight) as determined on the official scale during race day inspection. Weight maybe added to the car by you and will be considered part of the car for purposes of all measurements. “Weight” is considered to be any material on the car that is not provided in the kit. All weight must be securely fashioned to the car, e.g. by permanent glue, nails, or screws—not by sticky substances, e.g. tape, or used chewing gum. Weights shall be passive, i.e. non-magnetic, non-electric, non-nuclear, etc.

Race cars may be no longer than 7 inches, and no wider than 2 3/4 (2.75) inches, and no taller than 5 inches, as determined by the official gauges during race day inspection. Underside clearance of at LEAST 3/8 (1.75) inches is highly recommended, so that the car will run on the racetrack.

The car must roll on the wheels and axles from the kit we sell you. The axles shall be firmly affixed to the wood of the car body. It must be obvious to the judges that the wheels and the axles from the kit are being used. Wheel treatment (smoothing and polishing of the hub and tread) may not result in substantial removal of mass nor in reducing the tread (track contact) width from the original kit wheels. For example, removing a burr from the wheel that occurred when originally molded? OK. Claiming that you had burrs all around the wheel, causing you to sand the entire wheel? Bzzzzt—wrong answer. You will have to take a set of stock wheels from us on race day and use them.

Make a concerted effort to get all four wheels touching the ground at once. If it appears obvious that you took a sip o’ the potion and you’re trying to force the three (or two) wheel motion, we will revoke your Original Gangsta status—and make you correct your wheels before you can race.

Just gravity. No engines, CO2 cartridges, or any other propulsion devices, including things which might be found in a Dr. Suess book. Or a Snoop Dogg song (e.g. bizzles, woozles, and shizzles).

Only dry/powder lubricants such as graphite may be used. Use of any wet lubricants will be means for disqualification. And ridicule across all social networks.


Thanks to Voss Auto Network for sponsoring!


$25.00 1 Car (member sign-up)

$25.00 1 Car (non-member sign-up)

$40.00 2 Cars (member sign-up)

$40.00 2 Cars (non-member sign-up)