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The new date for SummitUp is October 12th. We hope to see you at this year's SummitUp, the region's premier conference on all facets of marketing. 2020 is the 11th SummitUp!

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Mosaic Update - More Tiles Added and Meet the Artists

The Mosaic is happening, but we can always use more artists!

The AAF-Dayton Mosaic Project is beginning to grow. So far, eleven tiles are complete, but we’re only giving you a peek at the newest because we don’t want to give away too much to the next group of artists. Will you be one of them?

Remember, this project is raising money for Dayton’s K-12 Gallery & Teen Educational and Adult Studio, so by contributing your creativity to the Mosaic Project, you’re also contributing to a wonderful local art and education program.

We need more people to sign up to create their own art — and help fundraise for K-12 Gallery & TEJAS.

The AAF-Dayton Mosaic is both fun and worthwhile. So get your Van Gogh on and join the project today!

Here are some details about the five artists who’s tiles are fully visible below, and what their inspirations were. And when the next group of tiles have been added, we’ll reveal more art and artist stories.

And speaking of growing we need more people to sign up to create their own art — and help fundraise for K-12 Gallery & TEJAS.

The AAF-Dayton Mosaic is both fun and worthwhile. So get your Van Gogh on and join the project today!

The Mosaic Artists (click on the link to learn about the artist and see the tile designed)

Roxann Patrick from The Ohlmann Group        Designers from TriComB2B     
  Kim Swigart from DezignHive     
Designers from Upward Brand Interactions     Mitosis     
     (keep checking back for updates)  


About the Artist 

Roxann Patrick has 30+ years of experience in brand development and management, marketing and advertising, creative direction and graphic design. She was the President and Creative Director of Designed Solutions Group, from 1994 until 2014.

Roxann is an award winning graphic designer, with over 100 awards throughout her career. She has strengths in brand development and management, brand strategy, conceptual and creative skills, and guiding creative teams to innovative solutions within the parameters of budget and marketing strategies.

Roxann is currently employed as the Director of Client Engagement for the Ohlmann Group, a full-service advertising agency in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Prior to her employment with the Ohlmann Group, Roxann was the Director of Career Services for the School of Advertising Art where she successfully built the placement rates to 100% annually.

About the Art
Roxann’s inspiration for her tile is the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords, negotiated at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which paved the way toward ending years of ethnic warfare in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.

About the Artist

Kim Swigart, Owner of DezignHive (www.dezignhive.com) was born in California, raised in Bellbrook Ohio, and graduate of The School of Advertising Art - Class of 2000. She resides in Springboro Ohio with her husband and 2 sons. She created this custom painting with digital art applied to it as a mixed media visual for the 2017 AAF Dayton Mosaic project. 

About the Art
The bee and its hive represent the fundamentals of hard work. The color used on the mosaic is intended to reflect ideas in motion and push the normal. Why a honey-bee? Just like DezignHive, the honey-bee colony is highly-adaptable to a wide range of climatic conditions. The hives are reflective of our collaboration with our clients and business colleagues. Our branding services are the 'honey' clients need to stand out.

About the Artists

Stacey Alspaugh — Production Design Lead
Stacey was just 16 years old when she was appointed to run the print shop at her high school. She taught herself how to create four-color prints on a small two-color press. She then knew what she wanted to pursue as a career.

At TriComB2B, she is responsible for the quality of every printed piece of client collateral, from flyers to banner stands and everything in between. Each day she handles project data files, ensuring they comply with client brand standards, printer requirements and agency naming conventions.

Before she had graduated college, she was hired by a printing company in Dayton, where she worked for seven years. She also logged time in two other local print shops before beginning work here as a production artist six years ago.

Stacey earned a degree in advertising art from the School of Advertising Art in Kettering, Ohio.

Matt Harris — Motion Graphics and Video Lead
Matt leads a talented team of designers to create award-winning visual stories through animations, videos, conventional graphics and interactive components for TriComB2B clients. He is responsible for concept creation, design, copywriting, project management, resource scheduling and art direction to produce visuals that are dynamic, targeted and most importantly — on brand.

Matt has worked in various video production capacities throughout his career such as visual director, design strategist, video producer and motion graphic artist.

Matt studied design and film production in the arts application program at North Carolina State University.

Devon Taylor — Hybrid App Developer
Devon brings more than five years of experience to his role as TriComB2B’s hybrid app developer. Adept at both the back and front ends of web development, he utilizes his web design and programming expertise to help implement the technical aspects of clients’ marketing technology goals.

Prior to his position at TriComB2B, Devon worked as a front end developer at Evenflo. In addition, he has headed his own development company for the past two years.

Devon studied web development and design at Full Sail University.

Dan Williams — Lead Graphic Designer
Dan displays a high level of enthusiasm and dedication to any artistic endeavor or project he undertakes. He has 10 years of experience designing and producing business-to-business communication materials in web, digital and print media. He is also an accomplished photographer.  

Dan earned an associate’s degree in advertising art from the School of Advertising Art in Kettering, Ohio.    

About the Art
Dayton, Ohio is known to many as the birthplace of flight. Rather than highlight the usual, well-known innovations such as the airplane, we decided to focus on one that is not as well known: the stackable waffle cone!  Through our mosaic, we have brought this patent to life, envisioning how Alexander Mclaren would view his creation’s impact on the world.


About the Artists

Jill Brewer is a senior designer with a focus in illustration. Outside of her work with Upward, Jill’s interests include being a mom to her three boys, sewing, antiquing and taking countryside walks on her 10-acre mini farm.

Jamie Watson is a graphic designer with a passion for animation, digital, and motion design. Outside of the office he enjoys music and art, and thinks cats are pretty darn cool.

About the Art
Art is a place where imaginations run wild. Through the eyes of a child, the world is an adventure longing to be explored, filled with dreams and childlike wonder.


About the Agency 

Mitosis is an international award-winning digital experience agency focused on the cultural impact of progressive marketing. Mitosis consists of an interdisciplinary collection of fine artists, graphic designers, developers, strategists and dreamers.

About the Art
The inspiration: Unknown path of human progress. Progression, is a mixed-media piece focusing on the exploration into the unknowns of human progress. The Mitosis “Bunny” is the featured subject, representing the human condition's need to stand out, while boldly moving down an uncharted path; highlighting global challenges such as climate, population and space. The viewer is enticed to discuss and explore the progression and future of human kind.