Dayton Mosaic Project Sign-up (no meeting)

September 30, 2017
5:00 PM


A mosaic is a thing of wonder and beauty, made of many different pieces — and in that sense, Dayton itself is a living mosaic.

Now, AAF-Dayton (American Advertising Federation) is inviting the local business community — whether you’re an AAF member or not — to celebrate Dayton’s creativity and vibrancy in an exciting and beneficial way:

  • Exciting because the first 49 companies or people who sign up to add a piece to our digital mosaic will get to show off their creativity in a big way
  • Beneficial because the Mosaic Project will raise needed funds for Dayton’s K12 Gallery and TEJAS — speaking of creativity! More about K12 and its wonderful work can be found here.

What is a digital mosaic and how does it work?

Quite simply, each participating artist creates a single digital “tile” (the Dayton Mosaic will have 49 tiles). But what makes the process especially fun is that none of the artists are aware of what the others are creating! The process begins with a single tile. Then a thin slice from each edge of the first tile is sent to the four artists assigned to the tangent tiles … and so on until all 49 tiles are complete and assembled. Each tile is unique, but blends into the tiles next to it and the finished mosaic is a surprise to all who participate!

Entry fees are as follows:

AAF-Dayton member and non-member fees are the same.

  • $50 entry fee plus a $200 minimum pledge if you plan to ask friends, family or co-workers to sponsor your tile
  • $100 entry if you will not be soliciting pledges


Register now to be a part of Dayton’s first Mosaic Project.
The first 49 companies or individuals who register will be the primary artists. The next 10 will be selected as alternates in the event that any of the primaries are unable to fulfill their task.

Be the one who starts it all!
Because the Dayton Mosaic Project is both an artistic initiative and a fundraiser for K12, we will be holding a silent auction for the privilege of creating the first tile.

The 49 primary artists will be notified of their selection via email, and given instructions for the silent auction.



$100.00 Mosaic Project $100 entry fee - no pledges

$50.00 Mosaic Project $50 entry fee - $200 minimum pledge